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Why Everyone’s Talking About Digital Car Wash Menus

Posted by Valerie Lawrenz on May 11, 2018 11:05:45 AM

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Digital advertising and menu boards are popping everywhere these days, and the professional car wash industry is no exception.

Digital menus are the next step in the evolution of the car wash menu and many businesses are moving toward digital menu boards for good reason.

So, what is a digital menu and how does it work?

A digital menu is a large outdoor weatherproof display monitor that can be used as a marketing powerhouse to display a video version of your car wash menu, promotions, and any other messages you would like your customers to see. The monitors are bright and clear, allowing the display to be seen in any outdoor condition, including direct sunlight.

Digital menus work much like a TV and come with software that allow you to configure your videos to change as needed. Messages can be scheduled to change at certain times each day, week, month, or year. Most units also come with a hard drive large enough to hold several videos. Videos can be uploaded by plugging a USB to the back of the monitor, or by uploading videos to a special server.

car wash digital menu

Benefits of a Digital Menu

A digital car wash menu can provide you with freedom and flexibility, allowing you to communicate your menu and messages to your customers clearly. Unlike traditional menus, a digital menu gives you the ability to change your menu or message at any time without the cost of reprinting. A digital menu is a great option if you wish to offer seasonal promotions throughout the year, including promotions such as fundraisers, loyalty program deals and any other specials.

Digital menus also create a more memorable experience for your customers. They can be used to entertain your customers by bringing your menu to life with enticing graphics. They can also draw attention to and help upsell your top package.

Disadvantages of a Digital Menu

There are two main disadvantages of a digital menu; upfront costs and menu design. The upfront costs of the unit and installation are determined by the size and structure. Costs of installing a unit can range anywhere from approximately $9,000 to $13,000.

Finding a good creative team that specialises in creating digital car wash menus can be challenging. Velocity Vehicle Care have access to the graphic design team at Zep Vehicle Care who can convert stationery menu files into animated offerings using special Adobe software. Additionally, the team handles all the legal licensing of any video footage or images used in the menu, which is important and often overlooked.

car wash digital menu

Digital Menu Best Practices

Just like in traditional printed car wash menus, digital menus work best when they are clear, concise, and tell your customers what you want them to know.  It’s best to keep your messages short. A good rule of thumb is to have around 3-4 rotating messages at 6 seconds max per screen. Too many messages may overwhelm your customers, and may even slow down your business.

You should also keep in mind that the way you lay out your packages is incredibly important if you are wanting to influence your customers decision. Always aim to make your top package stand out because that’s the one you want your customers to buy. Conversely, your basic package should be displayed with no frills.

To summarise, digital menus can deliver a better customer experience through more relevant and targeted digital content, with the potential of increasing your sales and profitability.

Resources: Zep Vehicle Care; Rise Vision

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