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9 Ways to Market your Car Wash on a Budget

Posted by Valerie Lawrenz on Jun 20, 2019 9:54:51 AM

car wash marketing

The prospect of marketing your car wash can be overwhelming, especially if you only have a small budget to play with. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

Here are 9 cheap or free ways to market your car wash:

1. Create a website. There a many free or inexpensive hosting and web development services which make it easy to put together a professional site in no time. Check out design platforms such as Wordpress, Wix or, Go Daddy. They offer free and customisable templates, and the best part is they’re relatively easy to use, so you don’t need to be a web designer to create a professional looking site.  

2. Start a car wash blog. There a so many benefits that come with starting your own blog. A blog is a great way to establish and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers, it connects people to your business, and improves SEO just to name a few. When starting a blog, it’s important to create content that meets the needs and interests of your customers. Teach customers how to care for their vehicles, give product reviews, explain how a car wash works, and provide interesting information about vehicles or anything relating to the car wash industry. 

3. Offer a free info-product on your website. Create an eBook or other digital product to give away on your website. The great thing about digital products is that they don’t cost a lot to make, in fact, you can create an eBook for free using an online graphic design program such as Canva. The other great thing about digital products is that they can be used to convert your website visitors into email subscribers.  

car wash marketing

 4. Get active on social media. Become a trusted expert in the car wash industry by sharing valuable information with your social media followers. To get the most out of your efforts, focus on sites with a general audience, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your social media followers love fresh and regular content so make sure to share blogs, photos, and car wash memes regularly. Check out our article ‘How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Car Wash Business’ 

5. Take advantage of Facebook's and Google’s free ad credits. Facebook and Google are always giving away free ad credit vouchers. Facebook ads can be targeted to a specific demographic and are a great way to reach new customers from your community. Offering a special deal or an upgrade will encourage new customers to visit your wash. 

6. Create a Google My Business account. Creating a Google My Business account is a necessity if you want your business to show up in local search. A Google My Business account will make sure your business is not only visible on search, but on Google Maps and Google+ as well.  

car wash marketing

 7. Create a loyalty program. Punch cards are a great way to give new customers a head start on the path to their free wash. But, don’t forget your existing customers. Sending your existing customers a digital voucher for a free upgrade is a great opportunity to connect with them and remind them about your business.   

8. Be active in your community. Hold a charity event such as fundraiser barbeque. While it may seem like an expensive venture, the benefits will be worth every cent. Not only are you giving back to your community, you’re also creating positive feelings about your business which become ingrained in the minds of your customers. And as a result, they’re likely to return to your business long after the charity event. 

9. Co-sponsor a contest. Contact a complementary business within the car wash industry and suggest hosting a contest together. This can be a great way to cross-promote your businesses and draw customers to your wash.

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